Violation – Sample Library for Kontakt
Requirements: Full Kontakt version 5.5+
v1.1 (Free) - One Kontakt page featuring:
  • 3 instruments (.nkis): Pitched Percussion, String & Body Percussion, Scrapes & Whispers.
  • Multi-mic recordings: Close and Main recordings using hi-end microphones such as Neumann U87 and Schoeps MK2H.
  • Audio mixer & Notation Board: Mix your sounds right on the interface. Play a note and see how it is notated on score.
v2.0 (Premium) - Everything v1.1 includes plus a second page featuring:
  • DSP Effects: Granular Synthesis, ADSR Amplifier Envelope, Stereo Spread, Saturation, Filters, LoFi and Delay & Reverb Send Effects.
  • Waveform view: Visual representation of playing samples.
  • Reset button: Resets all changes and sets you back to pure recorded samples.
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